The Slick Willy Story

Pickles have been around for more than 4,000 years where they were first invented in India around the year 2030 BC. This has allowed pickles to truly evolve and change not only in their taste and ingredients, but with their reputation as well. That being said, in our family-run business, the word “pickle” has a very important meaning and an even deeper, more intriguing history. 

The first jar of Slick Willy’s Dills was first made far across the Atlantic Ocean, nearly 5,000 miles from my home in Holmdel, New Jersey. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to travel and visit my Grandfather, John Sakoutis, and his lifelong home, a small island known as Ikaria, Greece. I was soon able to dial into the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and call the quaint island of Ikaria home. From harvesting fields of olives, to making homemade wine and pure sea salt, I was able to learn many new skills and acquire unique assets at my Grandfather's home. 

Of all the experience and knowledge gained after spending what was about a month in Europe, the most interesting skill that stuck out to me was my Grandpa’s ability to grow and pickle cucumbers! He had taught me all I needed to know about growing the perfect most beautiful cucumbers, and then also how to make delicious homemade pickles as a result. Me being a pickle connoisseur from an early age, the whole pickling process really caught my attention and made me wonder if I could turn my passion into something greater!

Learning from the old family recipe I was taught, I took immediate action as soon as I arrived back in America that summer. Wasting no time, I decided to grow my own garden full of cucumbers and use my Grandpa’s pickle recipe to perfect my very own! Not long after the first batch of pickles was made, I handed them out to friends, family, neighbors, and other local people in town! Looking for a second appeal on my brand new pickle recipe, I soon had dozens of people raving and spreading the word about the savory pickles that they had eaten. With people determined to claim more jars, I decided to whip up a plan and start selling my brand all over town. I had always been interested in giving back and helping people on a larger scale, and so I saw my business as the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Working to spread my pickles as far as possible, Slick Willy’s Dills pickle business soon arose, working to supply the absolute best pickles to its customers. With fast local delivery, we were able to provide Slick Willy’s Dills in every corner of town. In addition to hundreds of happy customers, so far we have raised over $4,000 and counting for our local food banks. Learn more about our causes and mission in the menu titled, supported charities. From a hobby to a business, Slick Willy's Dills has now spread to multiple towns and even other states such as Pennsylvania! We are now also available in stores at DeMarco’s Catering & Gourmet Deli in Aberdeen, NJ, Perrotti's Quality Meats in Cranford, NJ, and Monmouth Meats in Red Bank, NJ. Now, we aim to gather together a community of very different people, all with one shared trait and love... pickles!